Being an inn that was built as a response to the disaster by the Yakkum Emergency Unit (YEU) made Disaster Oasis a lodging as well as a place for learning disaster response. This also affects the shape of buildings in Disaster Oasis, namely the shape of houses that vary according to the nuances of certain regions. With adequate facilities and capacity for your family who want to enjoy a vacation in Yogyakarta. There are various choices of houses (lodging) that you can choose, including Aceh Houses, Kuala Bubon Houses, Nias Houses, Lombok Houses, Flores Houses, and Timor Houses.


Meeting or trial held by a group of people who are members of an association, association or association. The purpose to be achieved through meetings include developing the professionalism of members through consultation, training and education, enhancing the quality of human resources for efficiency and productivity, fostering cooperation and fostering the spirit of cooperation among members to promote business. One of the supports in creating a conducive meeting atmosphere is the comfort of the meeting place. Because with a comfortable place and adequate facilities can help smooth your meeting. Disaster Oasis provides meeting room services for your community or company who want to hold meetings in a comfortable and cool place with a choice of packages: Half Day Meeting, One Day Meeting, Full Day Meeting, Full Board Meeting.


Marriage is an important and happy moment that must always be remembered where two people unite in the same commitment. This sacred event is certainly one of the moments that must be enjoyed by everyone. Not only for the bride and groom, but also by family and loved ones present. A pleasant atmosphere, beautiful decoration, and delicious dishes become the perfect blend to complete your wedding happiness. Disaster Oasis provides wedding packages that will help hold your dream wedding. With a choice of outdoor and indoor nuances and other facilities that you can enjoy, including: Outdoor/Indoor Venue, 1 Room for Honeymoon (2 Night, include Breakfast), 29 Rooms for Family (1 Night, include Breakfast), Parking Area, 50 Exclusive Chairs, Standard sound system. Start from IDR Rp16.500.000,00


Outbound is a form of learning all applied sciences that are formulated and carried out in the open or closed nature with an effective form of play, which combines intelligence, physical and mental. Outbound Goals: 1. Team Building Team building is a form of increasing cooperation, solid relations, synergy and teamwork or group cohesiveness. 2. Teamwork Team work is a form of teamwork to achieve common goals 3. Communication. Communication is a process and procedure for conveying the right information to a person or group. 4. Leadership Leadership is the power of the process of influencing a person or group to achieve the desired goals. 5. Concentration Concentration is the process of increasing one's focus and memory on something. 6. Creativity Cretivity is a process of increasing a creative power or new ideas to be developed. 7. Planning Strategy Planning strategy is a planning in terms of management to achieve goals or objectives. 8. Analysis Analysis is the ability to study and investigate something so that it is easily understood and broken down. 9. Dividends Counsel is an increase in confidence in the abilities they have. Disaster Oasis provides Outbound services with various games and facilities that you can enjoy with your extended family or community. With a mild atmosphere of the Kaliurang area will add to the excitement and comfort of playing at the same time your learning with loved ones.

Lava Tour

In addition to providing comfort in the area of ​​the inn, Disaster Oasis also provides pleasant services for those of you who want to explore the beauty of Kaliurang scenery. Lava Tour is an activity to explore tourist attractions in the Kaliurang area by driving an Offroad car. This activity can be an option for you to enjoy a pleasant vacation with family. Tourist attractions that you can visit through this Lava Tour service include the Kaliadem Bunker, the Alien Stone, the Time Treasure Museum, and the Kali Kuning Maneuver with prices starting at IDR 400,000.

Jelajah Jogja

Jelajah Jogja is a service provided by Disaster Oasis for those of you who also want to enjoy the tourist attractions in Jogja. Not just tourism in mild areas like mountains, Jelajah Jogja will also invite you to enjoy new atmosphere such as nature tourism, beaches and temples. This activity will certainly free you from feeling bored. You also don't need to be afraid of not being able to enjoy various tourist attractions while on vacation to Jogja. Because Jelajah Jogja services are ready to guide you in visiting various tourist attractions as well as fun. Let's enjoy your vacation time with family and community at Disaster Oasis. Start from IDR 300,000.00


Being an inn as well as a place to learn about disaster preparedness, Disaster Oasis provides training services for your community to learn about disasters and how to overcome them. In this activity, participants will be given material about various kinds of disasters, guidance on disaster management, and simulations when dealing with it. Through this activity, participants are expected to become ready and alert individuals when facing disasters in their respective regions. Participants are also expected to be able to take appropriate action without causing panic and chaos when the disasters occur.