Outbound is a form of learning all applied sciences that are formulated and carried out in the open or closed nature with an effective form of play, which combines intelligence, physical and mental. Outbound Goals: 1. Team Building Team building is a form of increasing cooperation, solid relations, synergy and teamwork or group cohesiveness. 2. Teamwork Team work is a form of teamwork to achieve common goals 3. Communication. Communication is a process and procedure for conveying the right information to a person or group. 4. Leadership Leadership is the power of the process of influencing a person or group to achieve the desired goals. 5. Concentration Concentration is the process of increasing one's focus and memory on something. 6. Creativity Cretivity is a process of increasing a creative power or new ideas to be developed. 7. Planning Strategy Planning strategy is a planning in terms of management to achieve goals or objectives. 8. Analysis Analysis is the ability to study and investigate something so that it is easily understood and broken down. 9. Dividends Counsel is an increase in confidence in the abilities they have. Disaster Oasis provides Outbound services with various games and facilities that you can enjoy with your extended family or community. With a mild atmosphere of the Kaliurang area will add to the excitement and comfort of playing at the same time your learning with loved ones.